What to do in Vilnius

In Vilnius:

What to see in Vilnius:

  • TOP 20 sightseeing things to see in Vilnius is here.
  • The best way to see it is guided tours. You can find traditional tours here and thematic tours here.What to see around Vilnius:
  • TRAKAI: our older capital. Has an old castle and a lake! So a must is a visit to castle and sale around it!
  • PŪČKORIAI EXPOSURE: Vilnius is all about green! This is a good example!
  • KERNAVE– historical city which is in UNESCO World Heritage.
  • LABANORAS REGIONAL PARK: a wonderful place to see Lithuanian nature. They have great camping options or hotel.

What to do in Vilnius:

  • Vilnius Hot Air Ballooning! The booking information is here.
  • TOP 10 summer events in Vilnius that you can’t miss is here. Other cool events in Vilnius are here.
  • Vilnius surrounded by river! You can take kayaking & canoeing tours in Vilnius! You can find them here.
  • Summer cinema under the stars in the center of Vilnius! Program will be updated soon here!
  • Outdoor Go Karting. Information and booking is here.
  • Information on Museums and Galleries in Vilniu, you will find here.
  • Best Spa Resorts.

    What to see in Lithuania:

    • Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum – this is a park-museum near Kaunas, in a small town Rumšiškės – it’s a perfect way to learn about the old Lithuania and its history from 200 year ago.

    • Grutas Park – os a fascinating cultural center that exhibits Soviet era relics and statues in its museum and sculpture garden.
    • Atomic Bunker Museum – The Nuclear Bunker Museum presents the KGB bunker! Nuclear bunker is a unique attraction in Kaunas.
  • Kaunas – the second-largest city in Lithuania. Kaunas is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers, the Nemunas and the Neris, and near the Kaunas Reservoir, the largest body of water entirely in Lithuania.

    Klaipėda– city on the coast of the Baltic Sea.Curonian Spit: seaside resorts with ethnographic architectural fishermen homesteads and german-style wood-framed buildings.You can stay at cities- Nida and Juodkrante.

  • What to do in Lithuania:
  • The best Music Festivals in Lithuania.                               
  • Visiting Lithuania with children.
  • 29 Cool and unusual things to do in Lithuania.                        
  • Kitesurfing Spot in Svencelė!                                                                    
  • Nida Surfing Spot.                                                                                                                        
  • The most beautiful beaches in Lithuania.                             
  • Museums in Lithuania.

Countries in EU:

Take a Baltic tour:
Rent a car and visit all three capital cities of the Baltics, start in Vilnius, Riga and finish the trip in Tallinn or Helsinki (Finland).

Visit Finland:
Finland is our close neighbor, thus you can take a chance to visit this lovely country.
Commute options: flights or ferry to Helsinki! If you are driving to Helsinki it might take around 10 hours (including the ferry).

Visit Poland:
Krakow and Warsaw are the main cities to visit in Poland. Krakow is more historical, where Warsaw is the capital city of Poland.Commute option is flight from Vilnius or bus commute.

Visit Germany and Sweden with a ferry!
You can take a ferry from Klaipėda to Kiel (Germany ) and Karlshamn (Sweden). Information is here.                

Countries that need visa for a visit:  

  • Visit Russia:
      1. Saint Petersburg is one of the most stunning cities of Russia.
        Commute options (i) flight from Vilnius, (ii) bus from Vilnius, (iii) train from Helsinki.                                         
      2. Visit Kaliningrad: City on the Baltic coast and Curonian Spit! Just 70 km from Nida! Bus from Vilnius to Kaliningrad is here.  Cheap Flights from Vilnius to Kaliningrad is here.                                                              
      3. Moscow: you can find cheap flights from Vilnius to Moscow here. Also to go by train.
  • Visit Ukraine:
      1. Kiev which is the capital city.
      2. Tour to Chernobyl- deserted city after the catastrophic nuclear accident. You can take a private tour to there from Kiev.
  • Georgia: You could find cheap flights from Vilnius and explore this amazing country